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Career Center:

After become a member of “Goyam Family” you can get this free facility of Goyam Career Center also. This facility is for employee seeker and job seeker.

* For Employee seeker:

This time is time of knowledge and technology. In this time industrialization has been flourished. In each unit there are many departments like manufacturing, marketing, technical, H.R., R&D. etc. to manage an organization properly. All these departments occur because a skilled person in any specific field can perform skillfully and an organization can grow rapidly.

But sometimes all the structure and system seeing failed due to lack of skilled employees. Because of this an organization can’t get expected results.

Goyam Diamond Institute” has been emerged as the solution of this critical problem. We collect skill persons from the globe and place them at the place they deserve.

If anyone have requirement for diamond/jewellery specific employees, like factory managers, diamond graders, diamond assorters, diamond or jewellery valuer, manual or any advanced jewellery designer for CAD 2D/3D and other diamond/jewellery specific employees then your requirement fulfil here. Goyam Career Centre is the place where you get any employee according to your requirement. The extensive use of the internet will be leveraged to ensure that inadequate employment is never a reason for underdeveloped growth for the diamond/jewellery industry.

At Goyam Career Centre…

  • You can create job opening & post them on our website and also can search our exhaustive resume database for employees based on specific filter criteria.
  • Search our exhaustive resume database to search for employees based on specific filter criteria.

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Talent is becomes a blessing when it being used at right place and right field. It is said that a person with knowledge is like a donkey loaded with books when his/her knowledge is not used. We have seen many persons doing the work; they don’t know how to do it properly. And many persons can’t do the work they tend to do though they have acquired enough to do so. At “Goyam Career Centre” we integrate right persons and deserved jobs. If you are one of them, kindly post your resume on our site. Whether you're in the middle of a career change or new to the working world, chances are you're here in pursuit of a dream. It's a dream we all share - of having a life that's personally rewarding, professionally enriching, filled with friends, family and moments of joy. There's no better industry than the jewellery industry for making that dream a reality. When you attend Goyam Career Centre, you've come one step closer to creating the life you've imagined. Goyam Career Centre gives you the chance to explore everything the diamond and jewellery industry has to offer.

At Goyam Career Centre:

  • You'll find many exciting and lucrative job opportunities with some of the most recognized companies in the industry. You'll get practical insights for directing your talent and creativity. You'll learn about current hiring trends and discover what the future job market has in store.
  • Most of all, you'll be inspired, encouraged and drawn into a network of industry go over.

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