Correspondence Courses

Even persons are interested to know something new, something more earning, something more knowledgeable, something which helpful them in their life. And it became more important when it is related to built-up a career.

But even when you are a businessman, leader in your field, head of any trade organization, busy as a house-wife, as student, in family, in service or anywhere… You can’t expend time for new knowledge. Sometime you expend time but there distance problem. Now, it’s doesn’t matter where you are? Or when you are? Goyam knows the value of your life, your time & your requirement too. Now you can learn with your convenient time in within 24 hours a day at your home or anywhere. You can’t have to go anywhere to learn. You can get knowledge of Jewellery Designing at your home.

Goyam started Correspondence courses for Manual & Computer aided Jewellery Designing. By Goyam’s Correspondence courses, you can get all course materials at your home and learn as per your convenience. Student have to purchase Stationery for course from their local market. (We also provide all them with edition charges.)
Here are the courses we offer as correspondence…
* Diploma in 3D Jewellery Designing (Rhinoceros)
* Diploma in 2D Jewellery Designing 
* Diploma in Manual Jewellery Designing 

* Diploma in 3D jewellery designing (Rhinoceros):


* Introduction to designing * What is CAD & CAM * Principles of computer aided design * Basic tools & commands of CAD software Rhino * Utilize the features of the rhino user interface. * Create basic graphic objects – lines, circles, arcs, curves, solids and surfaces * Creating Two-Dimensional (2D) designs * Creating 3D Jewellery components from 2D design. * Learn core tools such as Move, Scale and Rotate along with many fundamental Rhino tools essential to great designs.  * Delve into History laden tools such as Profile Sweep, Curve from Two Views, Helix, Pipe, and Extrude Curve Straight. * Making basic jewellery shapes and stone cluster.  * Types of Stone setting: Prong, Pave, Channel, Bezel & Grain setting.  * Learn to apply them to jewellery by creating tops and pendantswith actual measurement. Making of simple bangles.  * Making simple shank and ring with prong setting & Pave setting. * Understanding size specification for Jewellery Prototype models.   * Analyse designs & correct errors.  * Exporting in stereolitherography (.stl) file format for Prototyping.   * Doubt Solution.

Qualification: Basic Knowledge of Jewellery

Eligibility:Having the knowledge of computer fundamental.

Fee: 830 US$

Required Documents: Copy of Photo ID / 1 Photograph / Address Proof


* Diploma n 2D jewellery designing:


* Introduction to Designing * Designing History * Introduction to Software used to Designing * Basic Commands for Drawing * Basic Shapes * Introduction to gems and their shape, colour &cutting styles * How to fill colour in Stones & Metals * Various Textures * Various styles of stones setting * Drawing Measurements * Rings * Pendants & Tanmaniyas * Ear Ornaments * Necklaces * Hand Ornaments-I * Portfolio making & Presentation
Eligibility:Having the knowledge of computer fundamental.
Fee: 650 US$

Required Documents: Copy of Photo ID / 1 Photograph / Address Proof


* Diploma in manual jewellery designing:


* Introduction, history & importance of designing * History of jewellery * Basic Shapes & Elementary Principals of Composition * Observational and Perspective Drawing * Illustrate shape, form and texture of metal * Pencil Rendering * Drawing & rendering of cabochon & faceted gems with different cutting styles * Rendering textures of Metals & Metal Rendering * various types of Stone setting.
Sources of inspiration * Design different type of gold & diamond jewellery - Pendants, Rings, Earrings, Bangle and Bracelets etc... * Design different type of light Necklaces 
* Technical drawing. * Design different type of heavy diamond jewellery like Pendant sets, cocktail Rings, fancy shaped Bangles, Tannish bracelets. * Party wear ornaments – necklace, brooches etc… * Presentation of designs  * Portfolio making.
Fee: 650 US$ 
Required Documents: Copy of Photo ID / 1 Photograph / Address Proof
Procedure to Enroll
Please, print the Application-Form for enrolment. It should be properly filled in block letters & submit to the institute by courier (candidate can submit it by email, but to submit hard copies is necessery.) along with admission Fees and required documents.
Mode of Payment - Fees can be transfered directly to bank account or can be paid by Paypal.