Design Centre

Goyam Design Center: All the manufacturers of Jewellery are manufacture their Jewellery by using gold, diamonds, stones, enamel etc. And all these things are available at everywhere. Anyone can purchase them & make Jewellery.

Though this similarity; such Jewellers can attract maximum customers on the contrary, such jewellers have to wait for a single one in whole day. Main thing in this difference is their Designs. Today’s market of Jewellery is lean with Designs by using Gold, Diamonds, Stones etc… A craftsman can make an ornament but only imagination of a Designer can make that ornament a designer Jewellery of everyone’s desire.

This time lots of catalogues and design books are available in market. But in catalogues, photographs of out-dated designs are given by such reputed showrooms, which are not able to attract so many customers. And in design books, we find 20% -30% new creation & 70%-80% modifications of old designs. Because of this, we can’t get satisfied by these designs.

In this drought of designs; Goyam Design Centre has started who gives latest and exclusive designs of Jewellery. Designers of “Goyam” make the Jewellery designs by taking different concept and theme. Because of these exclusive designs gets a touch of perfection. Not a single designs sold by us is copied or modified from old designs. Because of this members of our family can give a touch of designer’s perfection to the real Jewellery. Not only touch of perfection to the business; but Goyam will make you a smart jeweller.

If you want to put your jewellery in the heart of the customers kindly contact us for latest designs of jewellery. We provide all type of designs like Plane gold, Diamond, Stone, Indian traditional, Indo-western, Fusion, Antique, Jadau, Kundan, Thewa, Italian, Victorian, Egyptian, Tribal etc... We also design as per customers' Face, Figure, Age , Occasion, Personality and Budget. We create designs in all the formats like manual designs, computer 2D & 3D. We also modify designs as per your requirement. For more details contact us.

CAD Models: In our design center we provide the services to make all type of CAD models as per clients’ requirement also.