Goyam Education

Why Education of Jewellery Designing?

Owning a Diamond has always meant possessing something of great beauty and lasting value. Diamonds are certainly the most precious of all nature’s creations. Their fiery brilliancy captures our hearts as the eternal symbol of love. Diamond is precious but it has become prestigious after studding in an ornament. Everyone wants to glow themselves by adorning Diamonds' & other Ornaments. Jewellery designers design all the ornaments; which show our personality and status. Designers are very import part of jewellery industry.
In jewellery market, you can see many showrooms, retail outlets for jewellery. However, if you know, most of those, sell the jewellery by taking reference from Jewellery books - Catalogues or Jewellery Design’s Magazines. Designs in these Catalogues or Jewellery Design Magazines published by any publisher in mass or multinational companies for their advertisements; because of this, the designs become common. If you want to decorate yourself with exclusive jewellery… if you want to wear something new… something different… if you wants to give something new to your clients or customers… you should have knowledge of Jewellery Designing. You must be a Jewellery Designer. In addition, it is necessary to get proper knowledge of drawing, designing, concept, estimation and the jewellery industry before to become a jewellery designer.
Technology always rule in the industry. If you are unable to take your steps parallel with technology, you cannot make your identity in the industry. CAD (computer-aided design) models have changed the way the manufacturing industry, designs and manufactures parts. There is no doubt that since CAD technology, there has been a huge turning point for the better. With the uses of CAD, you can manufacturer jewellery with high complexity and higher accuracy. Doing business on e-commerce platform become very easy by using CAD technology. For not only designing, but also you can use CAD modelling software for management your designs, orders and different collections.

Courses for Whom? Why?

For all those persons who desire to build their career in tremendous field of Jewellery and Jewellery Designing.
For all jewellery who want to do jewellery business on large scale, they can do online business of jewellery without investing more…
For all the Retailers, Wholesalers & Exporters who wants to enhance their knowledge of Jewellery field.
For Diamond Jewellery Manufacturers, to get knowledge of Jewellery Designing, Design Estimation, Metallurgy, Gemology, Setting etc… related to Jewellery Manufacturing to give all types of satisfactions to customers and for better business.
For Jewellery Designers, who wants to make something new and wants to earn more with lots of opportunities in Domestic & International Market.
For Counter Sales Staff, who sale Jewellery, to help them to increase their sales and to better understand their client’s requirements.
For Goldsmiths or Silversmiths who wants to add value to their Design.
For Women Entrepreneurs who wish to pursue new Avenues of Business.
For Housewives, to Earn at Home or developing a new Hobby.
For all other Businessmen in other fields, to get Side Income.
For all publication houses, who want to publish new catalogue of hand-sketch or CAD designs.
For all adverting media house, who want to give satisfaction to their clients with creative jewellery promotions.
For those who want to increase their General Knowledge related to Diamonds & Jewellery field.
For Art Lovers to use Jewellery as a theme for their artwork.
For anyone who wants to earn more with Status.

Career Opportunities (Future Task)

A person can establish his self/her self-mentioned below, after completion of training at here...

  • E-commerce or online business entrepreneur.
  • Publisher of jewellery catalogues.
  • Do business of jewellery.
  • Manager for retail jewellery show-rooms.
  • Manager for jewellery manufacturing units.
  • Can do work as a designer internationally.
  • Freelancing as professional manual designer.
  • Freelancing as professional 3D CAD designer.
  • CAD model render or animator.
  • Can become a sculpture modeller.
  • Consultant designer for retail jewellery show-rooms.
  • Consultant for jewellery e-commerce Company. 
  • Full time designer for Multinational jewellery companies.
  • Establish own designing studio.
  • Consultant for export houses of jewellery.
  • Establish jewellery manufacturing unit.
  • Do job in marketing & sales department as a sales person in retail jewellery show-rooms
  • Do job in marketing managor or sales person in multinational jewellery companies.
  • Do job as a manual designer
  • Do job as a CAD designer