Goyam Services

As an institute, Goyam provide different services to help jewellery field.

1). On campus: Different certificate & diploma courses for manual, computer 2D (CAD 2D) & computer 3D (CAD 3D) jewellery designing. (for more details…)

2). Learn @ home: You can learn manual & computer based jewellery designing at home by 2 type of courses; correspondence and online courses. (for more details…)

3). Design Center: This time lots of catalogues and design books are available in market. But in catalogues, photographs of out-dated designs are given by such reputed showrooms, which are not able to attract so many customers. And in design books, we find 20% -30% new creation & 70%-80% modifications of old designs. Because of this, we can’t get satisfied by these designs.

In this drought of designs; Goyam Design Centre has started who gives latest and exclusive designs of Jewellery. Designers of “Goyam” make the Jewellery designs by taking different concept and theme. Because of these exclusive designs gets a touch of perfection. Not a single designs sold by us is copied or modified from old designs. Because of this members of our family can give a touch of designer’s perfection to the real Jewellery. Not only touch of perfection to the business; but Goyam will make you a smart jeweller. (for more details…)

CAD Models: In our design center we provide the services to make all type of CAD models as per clients’ requirement also.

4). News Center:

This new section is started by “Goyam Diamond Institute” for diamond, gems & jewellery industry. Anyone from this industry can place their any news related to Diamonds & Jewellery field, like any event, exhibitions, business promotion schemes, any articles or any other news related to this field with photographs. If you wish to feed your news, just become a FREE member of Goyam Family and you can place your news without any charge.

We try to present the best in jewellery news, reviews and design trends, reflected objective information, main problems, achievements, important events about jewellery world. We create our website with our readers, our customers and Jewellery companies worldwide. Let’s share information and knowledge about the jewellery industry. (for more details…)

5). Career Center:

After become a member of “Goyam Family” you can get this free facility of Goyam Career Center also. This facility is for employee seeker and job seeker.

For Employee seeker:

Goyam Diamond Institute” has been emerged as the solution of this critical problem. We collect skill persons from the globe and place them at the place they deserve.

If anyone have requirement for diamond/jewellery specific employees, then your requirement fulfil here. Goyam Career Centre is the place where you get any employee according to your requirement. The extensive use of the internet will be leveraged to ensure that inadequate employment is never a reason for underdeveloped growth for the diamond/jewellery industry. You can create job opening & post them on our website and also can search our exhaustive resume database for employees based on specific filter criteria. (for more details…)

For Job seeker:

Talent is becomes a blessing when it is used at right place and right field. At “Goyam Career Centre” we integrate right persons and deserved jobs. If you are one of them, you can post your resume on our site. Whether you're in the middle of a career change or new to the working world, chances are you're here in pursuit of a dream. It's a dream we all share - of having a life that's personally rewarding, professionally enriching, filled with friends, family and moments of joy. There's no better industry than the jewellery industry for making that dream a reality. (for more details…)

6). Free Education Consultancy:

If you are interested to make a career in the jewellery jewellery field, or you have any doubt or confusion related to career, our career consultant will clear your doubts and guide you in right way.for more details…)