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Graduate Diploma in Jewellery Designing (Campus)

Course Features

  • Batch Commences : Batch system is not applied on this course. Candidate can join as per his/ her convenience.
  • Batch Timings : Monday to Friday – 8:00 to 12:00/ 14:00 to 18:00
  • Eligibility : 10th & having the knowledge of computer fundamental.
  • Required Documents :  2 Photographs, Copy of Aadharcard, Academic Proof.

Fees Details

  • Fees : Lump sum 2,43,000/- INR (5400 US$)
  • Semester wise : 50,000/- INR (1110 US$) at the time of admission for 1st Semester
    50,000/- INR (1110 US$) for each semester before to start 2nd, 3rd & 4th Semester.
    35,000/- INR (780 US$) for each semester before to start 5th & 6th Semester
  • Course Material : 22000/- INR (490 $)


Designing is the blood of today’s fashion industry. Creative designers change & establish new market trends. Jewellery field is also a part of modern fashion industry where each n every day comes with new competition & new challenges. Creative Designers can make a firm winning. This is course is designed to bring multifaceted personalities to Jewellery Industry. It noticed that people face so many problems & troubles in their business due to insufficient knowledge. And some time people can’t grow up due to the same reason. This course designed to solve all the problem of these kinds.

In this course, an aspirant will learn all type of Jewellery Designing according to national & International market. We cover Plane Gold, Diamond, Jadau (Kundan), Antique, Uncut Diamond & Stone, Thewa, Sozo, Temple, Solitaire, Stone, Filigree, Enamel, Beaded, Pearl jewellery etc. in this course. Cost based designing, Theme based designing & Inspired Designing, Costume Jewellery, Tribal Jewellery, Designing according to different culture like Indian Traditional, Egyptian, Victorian, American, Italian, Chinese, Japanese etc., Designing according to Age, Occasion & Personality and Fashion Accessories Designing are the part of Manual designing. Technical Drawing, Modification, CAD/CAM Technology, Professional level Computer Aided 2D jewellery designing and Modification by using CorelDraw and Photoshop, Professional level CAD 3D jewellery designing by using Gemvision Matrix 9.0 including Advanced Matrix Builders, Matrix V-ray & Clayoo, Use of Mechanism in Jewellery, Realistic effected designs, How to give supports in CAM, Use and operating of CAM Machine, Market Trends, Market analysis, Diamonds Identification & Grading, Gem essential, Introduction to precious metals & Metallurgy, Jewellery Making process & Settings (theoretical), Cost Estimation of Jewellery from Designs, Market Analysis, Presentation, Portfolio Making, Hands on Practice, How to start own business of jewellery, How to start online jewellery trading, Jewellery Business Management (Inventory Management, Order Processing, Administration), Benefits of online Jewellery Trading, e-commerce & Jewellery, International Marketing, Project-work etc… and many other things are cover in this course.

In the jewellery industry, Gemvision Matrix 9.0 is the most advanced software to create complex jewellery models in easy ways, with different builders. Matrix provides jewellery-specific and jeweller-friendly tools to design virtual 3D jewellery on screen and create photo realistic images of clients’ designs. It combined the raw CAD power of CAD Rhino 3D, the organic modelling of Clyoo, the stunning render images of V-Ray and of course its own proprietary technology to create the ultimate 3D jewellery creation tool.

Student can get benefits to visit jewellery shows & exhibitions, visit of jewellery units & jewellery factory to understand the processes to make jewellery & market trends. He/she have do an internship for three months in any jewellery house to get practical knowledge of this field.

Career Options

After completion of the course candidate…
• can establish his/her own jewellery Showroom
• can become E-commerce or online business entrepreneur.
• can do jewellery business online or from home
• can become Publisher of jewellery catalogues.
• can establish his/her own jewellery designing studio
• can work as freelancer manual jewellery designer
• can work as freelancer jewellery CAD modeller.
• can become CAD model renderer or animator.
• can become a jewellery sculpture modeller.
• can become a Fashion Accessories Designer
• can become a Manager for retail jewellery show-rooms or jewellery manufacturing units.
• can become a Consultant for retail jewellery show-rooms.
• can become a Consultant for jewellery export houses of jewellery or jewellery e-commerce Companies.
• can become a Full time designer for Multinational jewellery companies.
• can Establish jewellery manufacturing unit.
• can do job in this field worldwide as a manual or CAD jewellery designer.
• can do job in marketing & sales department as a sales person in retail jewellery show-rooms
• can do job in marketing managor or sales person in multinational jewellery companies.


Graduate Diploma In Jewellery Designing

* Introduction, history & importance of designing * History of jewellery * Basic Shapes * Design Manipulation * Elements & Principals * Observational & Perspective Drawing * Illustrate shape, form & texture of metal * Pencil Rendering * Drawing & rendering of cabochon & faceted gems with different cutting styles * Stone Rendering: Giving 3d view by proper shading with pencils. * Rendering textures of Metals & Metal Rendering (by using Pencil & water colour) * Stone setting techniques according to Domestic & International market * Orthographic Projection * Technical Drawing * Jewellery Decorative Techniques * Technical Aspects of Jewellery * Sources of inspiration * Design different types of Jewellery & accessories for men, women & children * Orthographic & Perspective Views * Design Different types of jewellery in Plane Gold, Diamond, Jadau (Kundan), Antique, Uncut Diamond & Stone, Thewa, Sozo, Temple, Solitaire, Stone, Filigree, Enamel, Beaded, Pearl jewellery etc… * Costume & Tribal Jewellery Designing *Fashion Accessories Designing, Modification & Presentation of designs * Counter sketching * Closing mechanism * Evaluation of Designs

* Cultural Studies * Knowledge of international as well as domestic markets. * Design Jewellery according to Cultures (Indian Traditional, Egyptian, Victorian, American, Italian, Chinese, Japanese etc…) *Theme based designing & Inspired Designing * Designing according to Age, Occasion & Personality *Advanced jewellery designing & Making different collections *Use of Mechanism in Jewellery * Understanding the commands used to design jewellery. * Drawing of cut & cabochon gems by using CorelDraw. * How to fill colour in diamond, gems & metals. * Computer Aided Designing (2’D’) * Modification of jewellery design by using Photoshop * Changing of gem & metal colours in design images * Create realistic effected designs in 2’D’

* Introduction to CAD & CAM * Importance & uses of CAD & CAM Technology in Jewellery Industry * Principles of computer aided design * Basic tools & commands of CAD software Rhino * Utilize the features of the rhino user interface. * Create basic graphic objects – lines, circles, arcs, curves, surfaces and solids * Creating Two-Dimensional (2D) designs * Use of different commands to designing in easy way * Creating 3D Jewellery components from 2D design * Making basic jewellery shapes and stone cluster * Analyze designs & correct errors * Creating Deformable shapes * Types of Stone settings: Prong, Pave, Channel, Bezel, Grain, Cluster etc… * Understanding size specification for Jewellery Prototype models * Making jewellery models with actual measurement * Use of different advanced commands * Modifying parts * Making of bangles * Making shank for simple & fancy rings * Making of ring with prong setting & Pave setting *Customization of toolbar * Introduction to basic Matrix tools to begin building jewellery * Learn to apply them to jewellery * Building Tops, Simple band, an open band, a custom shaped band and pendants * Explore many of the brilliant Matrix builders such as Pave Builder, Bezel Builder, Head Builder, Channel Builder, Custom Rail Builder, Eternity, Signet & other Ring Builders and Ring Resizer * Methods for hollowing rings * Creating custom profile shapes * Engraving or embossing text around an object or on a surface * Gain a greater understanding of History for flexible models * Creating advanced stone settings used in domestic and International market like Pressure, Invisible, Halo & many others… * Making a Necklace of medium complexity and High complexity level * Making of a Ring with high complexity * Making of bangles and a Tube Bangle with High Complexity * Making of oval bracelet * Creating models for Men & Kids ornaments

* Explore the Most advanced surface modelling Techniques * Special features of Matrix * Creating a 36 pre-set jewellery Design * Creating Textures & Filigree work * Jewellery Making techniques * Jointing & linking techniques in jewellery * Making of Findings * Improving designing and sketching speed * Best tricks to work smartly and smoothly * Checking & correcting errors * Exporting in stereolitherography (.stl) file format for Prototyping * Domestic & International design measurements * Fundamentals of Clayoo * Use of the tools needed to create organic designs that flex, stretch and bend like no other * Creating Pendent & Ring designs by using super flexible tools of clayoo. * Converting different surfaces in clayoo or in NURBS. * Editing T-spline models in Clayoo. …Career Courses * Set CAD models to create photo realistic images (Rendering) * Creating photo realistic images of your designs using the Render Builder * Advanced techniques in V-Ray image rendering * Creating photo realistic images for different requirements – like – catalogue, e-Commerce, virtual showroom, small promotion or for big size banners and hoardings. * Editing in different materials. * Creating Animation videos by using advanced tools to accelerate marketing power * Creating videos in different styles. * Customize Matrix to your preferences * Layer Management * Editing in Mesh files. * Some smart techniques to edit completed objects * Hands on Practice * Creating a catalogue * How to give supports in CAM * Use and operating of CAM Machine * Removing supports * Cleaning CAM models * Doubt Solution.

* Weight Calculation of Diamonds (Round, Baguette, Princess & Marquise) * Estimating the weight of Gold from design * Calculating Labor charges * Cost Estimation of Jewellery from Designs * Design a jewellery as per budget (Cost based designing)
* Diamonds Identification * 4C’s of Diamonds * Diamond Grading * Gem essential * Introduction
of Metals Used in Jewellery (gold, platinum, silver, copper, cadmium & Rhodium) & Metallurgy * Difference between Karat & Carat Semester- VI (Jewel

* Processes of manual as well as casting jewellery manufacturing * Knowledge of different surface treatments done on jewellery * Different colouring process e.g.- Enamelling, rhodium plating etc… * Terms used in jewellery * Scope of Designing * Market Analysis * Market Trends * Presentation * Portfolio Making * Hands on Practice * Intellectual property rights (IPR) * How to start own business of jewellery * How to start online jewellery business * Jewellery Business Management (Inventory Management, Order Processing, Administration) * Benefits of online Jewellery Trading * e-commerce & Jewellery * International Marketing * Project-work * Internship (three months)

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Duration 3 year
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