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Gems Emerald

The name of Emerald derives from Greek word “smaragdos”. Emeralds are probably the rarest of all precious stones and are considered even more valuable then the Diamond. Emerald is basically the green variety of Beryl. The emerald is found in the rock in which it was formed and unlike diamonds, it is never occurs in gem gravels. The typical colour is a beautiful distinctive hue known, in fact, as Emerald green and is due to traces of chromium in the crystal structure. But emeralds can be light or dark green, bright green or leaf green. The shades most highly valued are those of an intense fresh green. The best emeralds are found from the mines of Columbia, South America and some also found in the U.S. mines. The biggest and most beautiful emeralds come from the famous Chivor and Mezzo mines of Columbia. Other emerald mines are in Brazil, Transvaal, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, India, Pakistan & Austria too. The most famous quality 2 colour emeralds are found from Sandawana in Zimbabwe. Emeralds of fine colour, weighing more than 2 carats are among the most highly valued and their price may equal or exceed that of Diamonds. Less ideally coloured varieties-too dark or too pale –are worth quite a lot less and if they are slightly turbid as well, the value is reduced even further.

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