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How to care.. KUNDAN (JADAU) Jewellery

How to care.. KUNDAN (JADAU) Jewellery

Everyone wear different types of ornaments. They are made from precious and valuable materials like Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds and Gemstones etc. Jewellery is a status symbol of today’s world. Owning jewellery is notonly important, but care of jewellery is also is a necessary part of owning it. By using such techniques you can make your jewellery brighten and durable forever. Tips given below will help you to clean and care for your valuable jewelry so that their beauty last long.

Kundan jewelry requires special attention because of the extensive work-man ship involved in crafting each product. The following precautions are suggested to take care of your beautiful Kundan jewellery.

  • Kundan in particular, may react to the metals in a jewellery box. Slip it into zip-lock bags or wrap in soft cloth or in aluminium foil to store its sign.
  • If space is an issue, place the jewellery in between layers of cotton wool and seal it in a good plastic bag.
  • Never put pressure or weight on jewellery, especially Jadau.
  • Do not spray perfume, body spray, dye or any other chemicals on any part of Kundan jewellery.
  • Keep a pouch of desiccant with the piece to protect it from tarnishing due to excessive humidity.
  • Keep the jewellery away from water or dampness. Water tends to blacken the stone or uncut diamonds and enamel.
  • Do not use damp cloth or water or any other liquid or soapy solution. If any part of your Kundan jewellery darkens, then use an eraser (the one used for erasing pencil marks) on the darkened portion. Do not even use plain cloth to clean the blackened portion of Kundan. If the blackness is not removed, then take it to the nearest jewellery shop for help.
  • Handle the silk chord used to adjust the length of the necklace with care. Never wet the chord as it causes the Zari in it to discolour.

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