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Itallian Jewellery

Itallian Jewellery

Around 3000 years ago the history of Italian jewelry came into existence. These people created jewelry that has never been equaled. Men and women wore rings on every joint of every finger, which were carved with amazing pragmatism. Head ornaments and diadems dressed the heads of many women. All of these ornaments were crafted of fine gold. Amber was the most favored stone, set in gold and silver. Gold continued as the metal of ornamentation and wealth. Necklaces were composed of pearls and beads. The jeweler designed hairpins which were usually of pure gold and 8” long. Gold bracelets were popular and they were not only worn at the wrist, but on each part of the arm. Gold coins were used to decorate jewelry.

It was during this time that the fundamentals of creating jewelry were founded. Alloying of metals, setting stones and enamels were all contributed by these premier jewelers. As the basics had already been evolved, future artists and craftsmen focused their time and effort on work to further the beauty and design of jewelry.

Italians have bolder tastes when it comes to jewellery and usually go for brilliant gold with appealing links and colourful gems. They prefer their gold polished. Trendy among Italians are the diamond pave sets and accents. They also love to experiment with bi-colour and tri-colour gold. The pearl choker, an Italian favorite, is embedded with rows of pearls played up with diamonds and other gemstones such as rubies and sapphires. Popular pendant designs are floral, insects, and fauna designs. Pink, white and canary diamonds are the three top combinations for Italian jewelled flowers.

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