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Goyam Diamond Institute Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to the world of creativity. The business of fashion & jewellery works in sequential order from concept to consumer. Somewhere between inspiration and reality, the whole world of fashion and jewellery created. This is where you learn to take imagination and transform it into a treasure.

Goyam Diamond Institute is always try becoming a bridge between the fresher and the industry leader. Goyam try to give the best in all ways as possible and committed to the objective of customer delight by continuous improvement in the quality of services.

As an institute, Goyam provide different services to help a jewellery field.

Goyam always try to stand one-step ahead with the trends and the world. And in this endeavour, different jewellery design programmes designed by Goyam Diamond Institute Private Limited, to give candidate a best quality. To fulfil all market needs and different requirements, Goyam designed different short term, career and High-skill courses.

A businessperson can do job efficiently but an employee can do business is not necessary. Bearing these words in mind, we have designed business-oriented courses. So that, a person trained here do not have to face limits. After completion of the course, we also guide our students whatever they want to do- business or job.

The programmes we run; designed to be of worldwide relevance, and can fulfil all domestic and international market need. Students can get advantage of quality programmes in manual & computer aided jewellery designing (including the knowledge of Rhinoceros, Matrix-9, MatrixGold, Zbrush, CorelDraw & Photoshop) with wide information of diamond, gems, metals, jewellery making techniques, cost estimation of designs, jewellery language, jewellery business management, e-commerce in jewellery, international marketing and many other things related to jewellery & design field.

So many people are facing problem in the industry, just because of insufficient outdated knowledge. To solve problems of all those, we have designed “High Skill Training” courses. These short duration courses specially designed for all existing designers, who can design jewellery at basic level and want to upgrade their designing skills or wants to become a specialist in particular field. All these courses can help to establish candidate on domestic or international market.

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Time……the most valuable thing in the world. Students, businesspersons, employees, homemakers… no one have time. Every person is busy in his or her work. Everyone wants to do something new, something different. Each one wants to improve their business by new techniques but no one have time to get the knowledge of new techniques.

Today’s world becomes global village by internet. One person can communicate with the whole world at time. Can know what is going on in particular area. Everything can become instant. Everything you can order through phone & it is on door. If we talk about modern technology, everyone can study at home. Anyone can give exams in any institute, college & university and get the degree. Some technical courses may done at home.

However, there are many courses cannot be done at home. One has to go outside, practical knowledge is necessary in many technical courses.  For doing those courses, you have to go in particular city or institute, which is running this kind of courses. As we say before how one can get the time from busy schedule, it is a very big question – We want to do something but how? No Time…!

Today in the world, diamond & jewellery business has become important business in which one can earn very well. It is growing day by day. There is only one reason behind it that everybody wants to wear different jewellery in any function, occasion or in daily use. Everybody wants to present diamond or diamond jewellery to his or her dear one, in all types of occasions. In addition, everyone wants new, so there is a tremendous demand for various kind of jewellery in market. Therefore, we can see number of jewellery houses, showrooms, retail outlets, side business around us and it increases day by day.

However, you must have knowledge of this business as in every business you need. It cannot be possible if you do not have the knowledge of diamond & jewellery. In this business you need 100% practical knowledge, but again the problem is there of Time. It is not easy to spare the time from business.

Now “Goyam” has all the solutions of your problems. Tomorrow’s technology comes today on your door. The courses which need 100% practical knowledge like – manual & computer aided (3D CAD) Jewellery Designing that can learn at home.


Through “Online Academy”, Goyam provide web based training (WBT) E-learning, in which you can learn manual & CAD jewellery designing at your home. We did not believe in video tutorials for training. Because, it is not possible to clear doubts of learner in video tutorials, our faculty will directly teach student, like campus training.

Advantages of E-learning:

  • Learn at home; do not need to go anywhere.
  • You do not have to pay high expenses for accommodation in other city.
  • One can learn not only at home but also in traveling or at anywhere.

Therefore, there are no barrier of place to learn….

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Goyam organizes International jewellery design competitions to promote younger’s talents under “Goyam Awards”. This by-yearly jewellery design competition provide them a platform to explore their creativity at International level. Many innovative creators across the world show their talent and redeem their efforts by achieving International recognition. In this competition, diamond jewellery, trophy and certificates appreciate winners.

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Goyam Diamond Institute” starts this new section for diamond, gems & jewellery industry. Anyone from this industry can place their any news related to Diamonds & Jewellery field, like any event, exhibitions, business promotion schemes, any articles or any other news related to this field with photographs. If you wish to feed your news, just submit it at our news section. After approval, it will be display at our website in news section without any charge.

We try to present the best in jewellery news, reviews and design trends, reflected objective information, main problems, achievements, important events about jewellery world. We create our website with our readers, our customers and Jewellery companies worldwide. Let us share information and knowledge about the jewellery industry.

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As a leading institute of India, we always try to become a bridge between employee seeker and job seeker. Facility of our career-centre, will try to fill the gap between to employer and employee. This facility is FREE for employee seeker and job seeker. Everyone can place their requirement on our website, and can get required staff / job from our website.

For Employee seeker:

“Goyam Diamond Institute” has been emerged as the solution of this critical problem. We collect skill persons from the globe and place them at the place they deserve.

If anyone have requirement for diamond/jewellery specific employees, then your requirement fulfil here. Goyam Career Centre is the place where you get any employee according to your requirement. The extensive use of the internet will leveraged to ensure that inadequate employment is never a reason for underdeveloped growth for the diamond/jewellery industry. You can create job opening & post them on our website and can search our exhaustive resume database for employees based on specific filter criteria. (Click to post your requirements)

For Job seeker:

Talent is becomes a blessing when it is used at right place and right field. At “Goyam Career Centre”, we integrate right persons and deserved jobs. If you are one of them, you can post your resume on our site. Whether you are in the middle of a career change or new to the working world, chances are you are here in pursuit of a dream. It is a dream we all share – of having a life that is personally rewarding, professionally enriching, filled with friends, family and moments of joy. There is no better industry than the jewellery industry for making that dream a reality. (Click to post your resume)

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In this world of competition, get right guidance is very difficult. It has become more complicated when the questions related to career. Everyone wants to reach to the height of the sky. But confusion is there that what is the first step to start the career?

In this global world, main business is of all the things, which increase status. In addition, the things are different accessories.

Goyam is the one stop solution for all your study, you needs related to jewellery field. Goyam give the right information regarding career built-up education in jewellery field. Goyam bring awareness about technical education, to give right guidance.

Have you any Question Related to your career?

Need Expert’s Advice?

Submit your doubts to us, our industry expert will guide you.

E-mail : info@goyamdiamondinstitute.com

We will try to guide you in right way.

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