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Why Goyam

“Goyam” ..... Experience …A World of Learning

Goyam not gives only the knowledge of jewellery designing. Also, provide all type of supporting knowledge of the field, which is necessary for expert designer and a businessperson. Drawing is the main part of designing, but concept development, diamond, gems, metals, jewellery manufacturing, language of jewellery field, cost estimation of design, business management, e-Commerce, any many more things like these are necessary to learn for a designer or a businessperson, and Goyam cover all them in different courses.

Great Value

Established in 1999, Goyam Diamond Institute Private Limited is one of the best technical educational institutes in India, Offering a wide range of Career & Short Term Campus Corses as well as Distance learning. The programmes we run; designed to be of worldwide relevance, and can fulfil all domestic and international market need. Students can get advantage of quality programmes in manual & computer aided jewellery designing with wide information of diamond, gems, metals, jewellery making techniques, cost estimation of designs, jewellery language, jewellery business management, e-commerce in jewellery, internetional marketing and many things related to jewellery & design field.

Quality Assurance

Goyam has a flexible teaching system, because of that; one can join as per his/her convenience. Course will start from the date of joining of student, and duration of the course will count from the date of joining. Because of this, student can assign his/her learning speed as per his/her capability. This is the assurance to achieve the best.

Training of CAD 3D & CAD 2D with CAM & Sculpturing

Professional level training of Computer Aided (CAD 3D) Jewellery Designing on Gemvision Matrix-9.0, Rhinoceros-5.0 and CAD 2D Jewellery Designing on Corel Draw & Photoshop. With operating of CAM machine also.

Vast Range of Courses for Different Needs

A wide range of campus courses as well as distance learning programs has designed and developed by Goyam, which provide latest and best knowledge of gem and Jewellery field with international standards. Candidate has a choice of 22 programmes, all equipping one with the skills you need for the world of work.

Business Oriented Courses

A businessperson can do job efficiently but an employee can do business is not necessary. Bearing these words in mind, we have designed business-oriented courses. So that, a person get trained here don’t have to face limits. After completion of the course, we also guide our students whatever they want to do- business or job.

Skilled and Experienced Faculty

Qualified and experienced faculty here in Goyam. 19 years of teaching experience and more than 25 years’ experience of designing adds value to his teaching. That is Mr. Alpesh Shah, our key faculty. A large number of students trained under him. They are serving industry on a great position.


We provide assists on employment issues. We also arrange special lectures on career guidance, interview techniques and find appropriate employment opportunities. Our online career-centre is also helpful to students to get job.

Library Facility

The library provides a wide range of jewellery, diamond, gemology, culture studies and history books, magazines, newspaper etc..

Friendly Environment

A friendly environment provides a stimulating setting and increase students’ creativity.

Group Discussion

We arrange frequently group discussions to enhance & exchange their skills.

Visiting to Jewellery Shows

To introduce domestic & international market trends.

Always a Step Ahead

Feel proud to say that “Goyam” is first private institute in Surat for diamond & jewellery training. Director of Goyam, Mr. Sanjay Shah is the person, who started market based diamond & jewellery education in Gujarat. Goyam always try to stand with time, and take advanced updates in their course syllabus. We are the first private institute who started CAD based 2D & 3D jewellery designing with CAM training in Surat. We are only institute in state Gujarat, who give the training on Manual as well as CAD designing online. Now a days we have started advanced level Matrix training in Surat. And in State Gujarat, we are the only institute with higher level Matrix training. Goyam Diamond Institute

Training Partner for “Gemvision Matrix & Matrix Gold”

Feeling proud to say that “Goyam Diamond Institute Private Limited” is Authorised Training Partner for Gemvision Matrix- (a most advanced CAD modelling software in the world). In addition, we teach on latest version of matrix 9.0. We have different courses to fulfil needs of beginners and professionals.

High-Skill Courses

Introducing something innovative in the industry with “High Skill Training” courses. These short duration courses specially designed for all existing designers, who can design jewellery at basic level and want to upgrade their designing skills or wants to become a specialist in particular field. All these courses can help to establish candidate on domestic or international market.

Courses Customisation Facility

If any jewellery company, jeweller or group need, we give facility to arrange special customised course as per their required syllabus and timing as per institute rules.

Fast-track (Crash-Course) Corse Completing facility

Crash-course or Fast track course completing facility allows students to fast track their studies. Committed students can complete their programmes in a shorter time than at traditional institutions by attending two or more batches as per batch availability. This facility can allow faster entry into employment.

Individual Focus

Our teaching faculty is in personal contact with students. Student – faculty ratio is 12:1 to maintain high-quality standards of education. Our students receive a high level of personal attention and are supported to maximise their potential.

100% Result Ratio

Because of the personal attention and high quality teaching standards, Goyam maintain 100% result ratio until now.

Designer…who are ready to take on the world

We produce qualified, well-rounded and work-ready DESIGNER who are highly sought after.

Achieve 100% Placement

When a student completes his/ her course successfully, Institute helps him/ her in interview with major jewellery companies. We have achieved 100% placement until the date.

Advanced Techniques for Training

Such as audio-visual presentations, advanced equipment’s etc.

Procedure to Enrol

Please, print the Application-Form for enrolment. It should be properly filled in block letters & submit to the institute by courier along with admission charges (in cash/cheque/Demand Draft) or post-dated cheques (in the case of instalments) and required documents.You can also submit your application form, documents and fees online.